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Care Tips for Succulent Babies

Every Plant Parent wants to have happy and healthy Plant Babies. We water our Succulent Babies on Succulent Sunday in the warmer months and every 10-14 days in the colder months.  (When we say water, we don't just mist, we soak the soil!)

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The Big 3 for Plant Babies

Water Just Right

All Plant Babies require their own specific amount of food, be sure to water appropriately! Most should only be watered when the soil is completely dry. Be sure to check the soil when you first bring home a Plant Baby and remove the protective cloth on the underside of the Plant Baby Bed. One water drop means one day of watering a week.

Show Off The Sun

Whether it is indirect or direct sunlight, don't neglect your Plant Babies' needs. One sun means your Plant Baby loves indirect light but can also tolerate low light. Two suns indicate that your Plant Baby will thrive in bright indirect light and can handle a period of direct light. Three suns mean your Plant baby loves direct sun for most of the day, but be sure to not burn the leaves.

Pet Safe?

Before welcoming a Plant Baby into your home, protect your fur babies too! Look for our pet-safe Plant Babies with this symbol. (We are not veterinarians if your fur baby has consumed a plant baby, it is always a good idea to double-check with the Pet Poison Helpline)

Kalanchoe Plant Baby

Kalanchoe Plant Baby

One of the most diverse groups of Succulent Babies are the Kalanchoe. They range from fuzzy, dark-tipped, and sky-reaching to low-growing, red-tipped leave bunches. These Plant Babies can go about a week without water but like a decent amount of sunlight. Plus, when stressed, the color of the leaves will darken in color! Be sure to check out all the varieties including the Panda Plant Baby, the Paddle Plant Baby, and the Chocolate Soldier Plant Baby. 

Crassula Plant Baby

Bright in color, these Succulent Babies are known to have many different structures. The varieties include ET's Fingers, Lemon 'N Lime, Ripple Jade, Watch Chain, and the Worm Plant Baby. While these Plant Babies only need a very little bit of water, they flourish in bright sunlight. Be sure to give them the brightest spot in your home and you may get some darker color on the tips!

Crassula Plant Baby
Haworthia Plant Baby

Haworthia Plant Baby

This little resilient Succulent Baby is one of the favorites amongst Plant Parents! The most common Haworthia Plant Baby is the Zebra Plant Baby. They require a very little amount of water and sunlight but will be perfectly fine if you give them a little bit more. They are the best for those who need a little less maintenance!

Direct or Indirect Sunlight... How Can You Tell?

All Plant Babies love their different levels of sunlight, some need direct while others need indirect sunlight. While many Plant Parents have windows all over, how are you to tell the difference in what kind of light they support? The easiest way to tell is if you can see the sun in that window at any point in the day. If you see the sun and its rays, that is direct sunlight! If you are able to see the sky but no sign of the sun, that is indirect sunlight. Make sure your Plant Babies has enough sunlight to avoid stretching!

Elephant Bush Baby

Tall and bright in color, the Elephant Bush Baby loves to fill in any space! Also known as Portulacaria Variegata, there are all green varieties and the more popular red-stemmed variety. These Plant Babies do need a little more water but don't worry if you overwater, they are very forgiving! They do like a little bit more sun but do not require full sun all day. 

Elephant Bush Plant Baby.jpg
Aloe Vera Plant Baby

Aloe Vera Plant Baby

Looking for more than just a Plant Baby? Aloe Vera Plant Babies have medicinal benefits as well as a unique look. You can cut a full branch or even a piece of a branch. That allows access to their magic that treats for burns, rashes, or even scrapes! They love bright sunlight but require minimal watering. Be careful not to get these Babies too close to a window or their leaves may burn!

Gasteria Plant Baby

Growing in many different varieties, these plant babies are perfect for new Plant Parents. Gasteria plant babies thrive in lower light areas and need a little amount of water. They are known to be very forgiving when underwatered. Don't get these confused with the Zebra Plant Babies, as those have more distinct white markings and shorter leaves. 

Gasteria Plant Baby.jpg

Sedum Plant Baby

This is a plant of many shapes! This delicate Succulent Baby typically has more of a bean-shaped leaf that grows upright or will spill over the side of its Plant Baby Bed. The most common are Burro's Tail or Donkey's Tail,  Jelly Beans, Coppertone Sedum, and Golden Glow. Most handle a lower light area but really prefer a sunny space. When given too much sunlight, they will turn colors, give them minimal sun every few days to see the colored tips pop up! They do like a little amount of water but can't go too long without a nice drink!

Quick Tip! Bloom Stalks or Streching?

Bloom Stalk Plant Baby.jpeg

Some Succulent Babies can have these new little sprouts pop up. They are called a bloom stalk, or a flower stalk, which produces flowers or leaf-like buds. Do not confuse the new growth with stretching! Stretching occurs when the Succulent Baby needs more sunlight. The Plant Baby itself is reaching for more light so it will not be a new sprout. Fun fact: you can let your the bloom stalk grow or cut it off and replant it or dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way!  

Stretching Plant Baby.jpeg

Echeveria Plant Baby

The most recognizable amongst all the Succulent Babies are the Echeveria Plant Babies. They typically look like a flower but also grow in many different shapes. Our favorites are the Powder Puff, Lola, and the Black Prince. They prefer more sunlight but can turn gorgeous colors if stressed a bit. Be sure not to overwater these Plant Babies!

Echeveria Plant Baby
Senecio Plant Baby

Senecio Plant Baby

Looking for more of a Bush Baby? Senecio Plant Babies grow in many different "bushy" varieties! While the more popular String of Pearls Plant Baby is known to hang loose, there are others like the Blue Chalk Fingers that reach for the sunlight. They typically like more sunlight but can tolerate partial shade. Be sure to water them only when the soil is dry!

Aeonium Plant Baby

These gorgeous Succulent Babies also have a flower style look to them, but unlike the Echeveria Plant Babies, Aeonium Plant Babies have more of a flower stalk and harsh edges. Due to their diversity in color, they can handle different levels of light and it will change their colors! However, they prefer bright sunlight and require a little amount of watering. 

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